Monday, 30 September 2013

Tip Of the Month - Tweezing Your Eyebrows

Hey everyone,
yup it's , 'Tip Of the Month' this months beauty tip is on Tweezing yo brows! and how to deal with the after pain.
  • Plucking your eyebrows right after you have showered will be much less painful therefore is the best  time to pluck your eyebrows
  • Do not tweeze one eyebrow completely then do the other, you are less likely to  achieve similar brows.
  • Try dabbing your eyebrows with numbing cream, if you don't have a high tolerance for pain
  • to reduce swelling and redness you can try applying ice to the area
  • Apply lotion to the skin around your eyebrows to soothe the pain and redness.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

L.A Colors Metallic Eyeshadow Unforgettable Review

Like my hearts? if you can see them

Hey girlies,
I've finally motivated myself to get this review done that I mentioned I would do in my latest Haul (if you haven't seen it and would like to click here)
I purchased this palette from Beauty Base it cost me 99p to be honest the real reason I bought this palette was because truly I wanted to build my palette collection as bad as it sounds that's the real reason.
 I absolutely love this palette I love the colours and it's SO pigmented, the first time I wore it I had to wipe some off because it was just too much, that's how pigmented it is.

This palette is a basically a neutral palette which I always tend to go for because I just prefer it and not too comfortable with bold colours still experimenting :)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Autumn/Winter must haves

Hey everyone :)
I just wanted to share with you a few clothing items that I think are just must haves for this up coming Autumn/Winter.
Having a big winter coat is definitely essential for Autumn/Winter it looks great with whatever your wearing during the season and keeps you so warm and comfortable

Long boots are a definitely must have for this up coming season as they are suitable for all kinds of bad weather and really tie an outfit together
 Fur gilet, I personally think that a fur gilet is more suitable for Autumn than winter cause it wouldn't really keep you warm in winter unless your wearing a big coat or something underneath but that might just end up looking weird. But wearing a leather jacket underneath would look really good.
Oversized jumper are a definitely must have because their so useful you can layer up as much as you want underneath and it so easy to style, with like a pair of leggings and long boots or jeans and converses.
 Boyfriend Jeans are so essential for this upcoming season because you can also layer up underneath them with tights or leggings there also very fashionable and can look really stylish with the right accessories.
I don't necessarily think Uggs are essential for this Autumn/Winter especially when it's raining cause your feet will get soaked but they do keep your feet super warm so I would advise people to wear them in the dry weather, also they are really casual so you can put them on any time.
So that's my must haves for this upcoming season, I hope I've given you a few wardrobe ideas and helped prepare you for this season! :)

Saturday, 21 September 2013

A-Z About Me

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to do this post to tell you guys a little bit about myself and to try something a little different something that's not beauty or fashion related
so here goes...

A - Alexandria - That is my first name
B - British - I was born and raised in London
C - Christian -  I am Pentecostal
D - Desserts - Not really a dessert person
E - Ear - I have 5 ear piercings
F - Family - I have a big family that consists of my 3 brothers, 2 sisters and mum and dad
G - Girls - I go to an all girls school
H - Health and Social Care- this is one of my GCSE subjects
I - itsJudy'sLife - itsJudy'sLife is my favourite youtuber
J - J - Everyone in my family has a name beginning with 'J'
K - Kebab - Kebab with chilli sauce and mayonnaise is my favourite fast food
L - Languages - I can only speak 1 language (English), but I want to be able to speak fluent Spanish(even though I know it never going to happen)
M - Mango - This is my favourite fruit
N - Nails -  I used to bite my nails A LOT!
O - Obsessed - I am a bit obsessed with makeup.
P - Phobia - I have  a phobia of cats, mice and anything small and furry and im scared of heights
Q - Quiet - Im a very quiet person
R - Rain - I love the sound of heavy rain
S - Sickle cell - I suffer from sickle cell
T - Ticklish - I am SUPER ticklish, like if I'm being tickled someone's bound to get hurt
U - Unfit - I am a really unfit person.
V - Violin - I used to own a violin, I never could actually play it but I did have one
W - Weather - I love hell stones especially when it's really heavy it feels so nice :)
X - Xiao - love the word 'Xiao' it means little in Chinese. I actually learnt that from Karate Kid the one with Jaden Smith in it.
Y - Yorkie-ton - I actually want a Yorkie-ton even though im scared of dogs I really want one. A Yorkie-ton is actually a mixed breed dog, it's a Coton de Tulear and Yorkshire Terrier mix, their so CUTE!
Z - Zebra - A zebra Is my second favourite animal after a lion cub. just love the stripes :)

Thursday, 19 September 2013

This or That Tag

Hey everyone :)
I got tagged by my sister FashionSquash to do the This or That Tag, this is actually the first tag I've ever done don't know why but I thought I'd give it a try.
here goes...
Make Up

Blusher or Bronzer:
Blusher just cause I've never used bronzer I find it pretty pointless
Lipgloss or Lipstick:
oooh it would definitely have to be Lipstick, just cause there are lipsticks that make our lips shiny and glossy
Liner or Mascara:
 Mascara. Just cause I love my lashes with mascara

Foundation or Concealer:
hmm... Foundation. I don't really need to conceal

Neutral Eyeshadow or Colour Eyeshadow:
Neutral, I don't really like drawing too much attention to my eyes

Pressed or Loose Eyeshadow:
Pressed haven't actually tried loose eyeshadow


OPI or China Glaze:
I don't actually know the difference or tried either so I cant actually decide but if I had to china glaze cause it kinda reminds me of glazed donuts YUM! :)

Long or Short Nails:
Long they just look better and gives me that feminine touch... hahaaa!

Acrylic or Natural:
Natural only cause taking acrylic nails off mash up your nails

Bright or Dark:
Bright. but when the seasons change more miserable I try to tone it down

Flower or No Flower?
Huh? flower what the? no flower I guess



Perfume or Body Spray:
Lotion or Body Butter:
I don't use either so cant decide

Body Wash or Soap:
Body wash, love the noise the foams make

Lush or Other Bath Companies:
Other, cause I haven't used Lush


Jeans or Sweat Pants:
Jeans, I just think that they go well with literally everything

Long Sleeves or Short Sleeves
I'm someone that likes to keep so warm and comfy, so long sleeve

Dresses or Skirts:
Dresses I don't really like skirts I don't actually know why

Stripes or Plaid
hmm.. why's there no polka dot option I love polka dots :( I guess im going to have to go with stripes

Flip Flops or Sandals:
Sandals duh!

Scarves or Hats:
Scarves. no hats. no scarves. actually hats I think I've moved on a bit from my love of scarves

Studs or Dangly Earrings:
Haven't actually attempted to wear dangly earrings, don't know why bit scared they wont suit me. So studs.

Necklace's or Bracelets
umm.. this is hard bracelets
Heels or Flats:
Flats just cause I can wear them everyday and there more comfortable even though I really do just love heels!

Jackets or Hoodies:
Jackets, I think they look better, there warmer and there's no way they can mess up your hair :)


Curly or Straight:
Curly, especially when their big glamorous curls!

Bun or Ponytail:
Bun, I've never actually done a ponytail

Bobby Pins or Bufferfly Clips:
Bobby Pins, haven't actually used butterfly clips. I don't even know what they are. -_-

Hair Spray or Gel:
Depends on my hairstyle to be honest, if I have extensions then hair spray any other hairstyle gel.

Long or Short:
Long I absolutely love long hair, I just be flipping and flippin' hahaaa!

Light or Dark:
Dark, I don't actually want to dye my hair

Side Sweep or Full Bangs (Fringe):
neither I prefer middle parting
Up or Down:
down, cant flip while it's up can I?



Rain or Shine:
Shine, hate having to carry an umbrella in the rain

Summer or Winter:
Winter just as long as it's not raining

Autumn or Spring:

Chocolate or Vanilla:
I actually don't like ice cream but if I had to choose Vanilla
I would like to tag:

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How I balance out school and blogging

Hey everyone! :)
I just wanted to give you a rough idea on how I manage to continuously blog and keep up with my school work, im also going to give you some tips on how to not stress over trying to balance out the two.
My routine for the week is to go to school from Monday to Friday obviously and just concentrate on school and complete homework, revision, etc..
And then on the weekend I'll try and blog as much as possible and get lots of post scheduled so during the week they'll just be going up.
  • do as many post as possible on the weekend
  • do homework early will give you more time to chill that way you can join chats on twitter (#fbloggers, #bbloggers, #fblchat)
  • spread post out evenly during the week
  • make note of any new post ideas you come up with over the weekdays so you will have something to post about on the weekend

Friday, 6 September 2013

L.A. Colors Lip liner review

Hey everyone :)
As promised in my latest haul (if you haven't seen that and want to check it out click here) I said I would do a review on all make up products so to start I decided to let you lot know how I feel about this lip liner.

I purchased this matte
 lip liner from Beauty Base in Westfield Stratford for 99p its by L.A.Colors and the colour is called 'Smooth Plum'. I bought this lip liner cause I thought it was very ideal for the upcoming season Autumn also cause I've been wanting a purpley colour for some time now.
I prefer to wear this lip liner as a lipstick cause I really like the darkness of it, sorry it doesn't look that dark in the picture. This lip liner is quite pigmented and the more you put the darker it will come up it has a nice texture and doesn't really have a scent to it. 

Before I put on this lip liner I previously had on Vaseline but I didn't put anything on after I applied the liner. I like this lip liner because it keeps your lips really moisturized, it also last for a long time and doesn't rub off as soon as you drink or like touch your lips.
Look out for my next review :)

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Tip Of The Month - Healthy Nails

Hey everyone :)
Yes, it's that time of the month again where I'm going to share with you a beauty tip.
This months 'Tip Of The Month' is healthy nails and to achieve long, healthy, strong nails you need to:
  • Keep your nails clean
  • File your nails regularly and when doing so file in one direction
  • When painting your nails always do a undercoat with a very light colour to prevent staining your nails
  • Keep your hand and nails moisturized
  • Prevent keeping your hands in hot water for too long as it makes your nails really soft which means they are more likely to break