Sunday, 27 January 2013

My Christmas Presents :)

Hey everyone,

I know its a bit late but a lot of people were asking me what i got for Christmas this year so i thought i would make a post on what i got for Christmas this year!

make up bag, kabuki brush, nail filers, foundation and concealer brush, eyelash curler

MUA make up palette

P'J's All in one

Ugg Boots

As you can see this is what I got for Christmas not a lot but I don't care better than nothing I obviously can't tell you where I got any of these things because obviously I don't know cause I didn't buy them. :)

Hot or Not? - Disco Pants

I think that Disco Pants are quite interesting there a clothing item that i think anyone could pull off with the right accessories.

Disco Pants are form-fitting, stretchy pants that create a flattering slimming affect they look exactly like leggings but come in more extravagant colours sometimes with a shimmery look, you can wear these pants with a heels and a blazer or you can try a vest top with flats and a nice cardigan.

If you're thinking yeah their nice but where am i  gonna wear them to well your answer is anywhere you can wear them to a fun family dinner or even a girls night out with a group of friends.

HOT or NOT??

Monday, 14 January 2013

The Winter look....

It's winter so we need to put away our summer paint and bring out the winter, below are some popular winter make up products that I have been using this winter...

Intense glitter eyeliner silver sparkle,Intense Colour Eyeliner Royal Blue, Intense Glitter Eyeliner Starry Night

These eyeliners are all by MUA and are my best winter makeup products they only cost a pound and can be purchased from Superdrug or ordered from the MUA website. These eyeliners really make your eyes look beautiful, they make your eyes stand out and look lovely with your winter wear

MAC see sheer lipstick, MAC sophisto lipstick, MUA lipstick shade 10 and MUA lipstick shade 13

These four lipsticks are my best winter coloured lipstick products they are amazing winter colours that go well with your popular winter clothing, the first two images of lipstick are by MAC and cost £14.00, some of you may think that its really expensive and im not gonna lie and say its not but it is completely worth it the other two lipstick products are by MUA and guess what girls there's nothing better than lipstick, than lipstick that costs only £1.00!

I think that colours that are quite dark and neutral are good winter colours mainly because you can do a nice smokey eye and will go really nicely with the rest of your winter makeup. The eye shadow in the bottom left corner is by 17 and is a solo eye shadow in the colour walnut pearl this item costs £3.89 I consider that to be pretty cheap, on the bottom right corner we have a MAC pressed pigment eye shadow in the colour deeply dashing and costs £16.50. In the top right corner we have another MAC pressed pigment eye shadow in the colour jet couture this also costs £16.50, the top left corner has a eye shadow by Barry M in the colour dust 11 black this item costs £4.59 from Superdrug :)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

What's In My Shopping Bag...

Hey guys and girls,

I'm going to do like a mini haul cause i went shopping with my sister and bought a few things so i thought that i would just share them with you in this 'What's In My Shopping Bag' post.

Navy purse from Primark £5.00

Navy winter coat from Primark £16.00

L'Oreal Paris Liquid Foundation from Superdrug £6.99
(I'm going to do a review on this in the next few weeks so look out for that)

MUA Lip Gloss from Superdrug £1.00

2true Liquid Eyeliner from Superdrug £1.99

So these were the items that i purchased when i went shopping :)