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It's iPainturface's blog!
Hey Everyone,
The names Alexandria, 15 years of age and I live in London. I'm currently a student at school doing my GCSE's I study health and social care.

I started blogging in November 2012 and I was actually advised by my sister AKA FashionSquash because I was just in love with makeup and initially my blog was based on makeup and then I got into shoes and now my blog is based on clothes, shoes, and makeup.
I live with my mum and dad and my 2 other sisters and 3 brothers I love my family to bits they are really important to me.
  • My favourite colour...  I wouldn't say I have one but if I had to choose it would be blue
  • I love food I'm one of those people that just never get full up I literally just constantly eat because I don't get fat and I tend to eat when I'm bored. #BadHabit
  • I love Shopping especially when things are on SALE!
  • I love blogging it just gives me something to keep me entertained and gives me something productive to do
  • I hate people that are fake
  • I hate going shopping when I'm broke, it just seems so pointless to me
  • I hate animals that are small and furry
  • I am terrified of cats, pigeons and mice. Eurgh I just find them so revolting
Thanks to all my followers and readers for all their comments and reads!
Love you guys :) x

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