Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Hey guys and girls!
It's nearly Christmas and I just bet everyone is stressing over what to get their girlfriends, sisters, Mums, grandma's and all the other special females in their lives, well just calm down and take a deep breath as I am going to give you a few gift ideas on what to get them.. goes!

Makeup | Perfume | Bag | Candle | Slippers | Necklace

Personally I think that perfume is just THE gift because you can give it to anyone and they will be appreciative might not be what they want but they'll still be happy right? I think it can only go wrong when someone has a particular scent and you don't know what it is that's when it can become a bit tricky!
Jewellery is such a lovely gift for a women especially when it has meaning to it also there is lots of different types of jewellery you can get for example: rings, bracelets, necklaces or ear rings...
I think a lot of people are going to be getting makeup as Christmas presents this year because as a beauty blogger it's just all I know and you just cant go wrong with makeup.
Candles are so nice even when they are not a gift there just a really nice thing to have and when they are scented oohhh even better and I think women love to have candles especially when they want to wind down and just have some me time!
 Shoes are just a gift that you have to receive because there so easy to buy and shoes are a girls best thing right?
Bags bags bags ahhh I just love bags, there so useful so there just the ultimate gift!

These are all of the gifts that I could think that would be a really great Christmas present this year for your loved one I hope it helped and gave you and idea on what to get them! 

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