Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hot or Not? - Neons

I think that neon clothing are fun and are a great way to start off your summer, I think that this year they have definitely become very popular during the summer season.
Anybody can wear neon clothing and make it look fabulous just as long as you don't over do it and go crazy, dressed in neon from head to toe.... Not a good look at all!
There are all types of neon fashion items from sandals to jewellery in a vast range of different colours such as; blues, green, yellow, pink, orange etc...
Some people do not entirely like neon fashion items because some feel that its too bright and attracts too much attention but I guess everyone has their own opinion and style.
Neon fashion items can be worn anywhere and pull of any look so if your looking for a more dressy look you can wear a nice neon dress with some simple pumps or you can wear neon pumps with a simple coloured dress, if your going for a more dressed down casual look you can wear a simple tee with neon shorts and a pair of cute sandals and vice versa.

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