Monday, 21 October 2013

L.A Colors Red Lipstick Review

Hey everyone,
It's the final review from my latest haul
I purchased this lipstick from Beauty Base in Stratford Westfield it cost me 99p and I absolutely love this lipstick. It smells so good it's really pigmented and is a matte lipstick, which just drew me to it.
At first I found it really hard to wear because it was so bright and vibrant but then I found out that if wore it with a dark shade lip liner then it wouldn't look as bright.
The packaging is really simple it has a clear lid and is a twist up lipstick, this is definitely one of my favourite lipsticks
The feel of the lipstick when you put it on is really smooth, it just glides across your lips and can be worn without having to apply Vaseline first which is really good.
LOVE IT!!! :)

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