Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Haul


Superdrug - MUA Lipstick Shade 4   £1
JD Sports - Puma Suede's   £38
Superdrug - MUA White eyeliner   £1
Primark - Crop Top    £4.50
Primark - black shirt top    £1
Primark - Beanie    £2
Primark - Socks    £2.50
Beauty Base - L.A. Colors Palette Unforgettable    99p
Beauty Base - Red Lipstick Matte Red Tango    99p
Beauty Base - Lip liner Smooth Plum   99p
Primark - White vest top   £2
Primark - Bag    £12
Hey everyone :)
This month I've just decided to do some shopping in preparation for school and the upcoming season, tell a lie.. let me not try and give a reason as to why I've done all this shopping because its a lie, its just the inner shopper monster coming out of me.. LOL!
I will be doing a review on all my make up products next month so look out for that and I'll try and do a OOTD post.


  1. love the bag

    1. Thanks love it too I just wish it had compartments on the inside but oh well :)

  2. bags cute ´∀` so far ive been amazed at how nice primarks collection has gotten.. definitely planning to do some 'back to school' shopping there soon!

    - hana

  3. Thank youuu :) yeah I agree Primark have really improved with their collection. you go girl! xx

  4. Primark have such nice things nowadays! I love the monochrome spotty top, it's really nice! And so is the bag, it looks ideal for school! x


    1. thank you so much I know I was just so drawn to it I just absolutely loved it! I know the bag was just ahhh... definitely part of my 'back to school' shopping

  5. I have the MUA lipstick, love it such a great colour! Love the bag, very nice

  6. Hahaaa thanks I'll be doing a review on it so look out for that, and same I'm so happy I got it! :) x