Thursday, 22 August 2013

White Nails


Hey everyone,
I just wanted to put up a post because I haven't been posting that frequently now a days so I put up a post on my white nails that I recently did.
First I put on some of my white nail polish waited for it to dry and it dried in the time that it took me to do my other hand and then I did a second coat
It was so easy using this nail polish because it was quite thick so by the time I did the second coat my nails were just completely covered.


  1. Barry M's white nail varnish is a bit annoying for me and goes on textured for some reason, but this one seems good! Will give it a try :)

    Ruth x

  2. Yeah I hate nail varnish that goes like that but this one is really good I would recommend it to anyone you should really give it a try :) x