Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Favourite Lip Products

Hey everyone,
This is just a little post on a few of my lip products I'm just lovin at the moment and I just can't get enough of..
Firstly I've got to have my Vaseline, especially now the weather is changing and my lips get dry so easily and quickly
Next is my MUA SheerFinish lipgloss omg I use this product on a daily I love the nudey colour, the fact that it doesn't feel sticky and it last so long
My Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in the colour Vintage Pink I absolutely cant get enough of this colour, it's a weird pinky nudey colour I have longed for this lipstick for so long that when I finally got it, it automatically turned into my everyday lipstick

My red Lipstick is a colour I've really learned to like, since I've learnt how to wear it and make it look good I've noticed it's become a lipstick that I've worn more regularly, not to mention it taste quite nice... LOL!

Finally my Lip liner.. put on a bit of Vaseline then apply the liner all over my lips and it just looks great, the colour is FAB, I seriously need to stock up on this particular colour cause I have just fallen in love!

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