Saturday, 21 September 2013

A-Z About Me

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to do this post to tell you guys a little bit about myself and to try something a little different something that's not beauty or fashion related
so here goes...

A - Alexandria - That is my first name
B - British - I was born and raised in London
C - Christian -  I am Pentecostal
D - Desserts - Not really a dessert person
E - Ear - I have 5 ear piercings
F - Family - I have a big family that consists of my 3 brothers, 2 sisters and mum and dad
G - Girls - I go to an all girls school
H - Health and Social Care- this is one of my GCSE subjects
I - itsJudy'sLife - itsJudy'sLife is my favourite youtuber
J - J - Everyone in my family has a name beginning with 'J'
K - Kebab - Kebab with chilli sauce and mayonnaise is my favourite fast food
L - Languages - I can only speak 1 language (English), but I want to be able to speak fluent Spanish(even though I know it never going to happen)
M - Mango - This is my favourite fruit
N - Nails -  I used to bite my nails A LOT!
O - Obsessed - I am a bit obsessed with makeup.
P - Phobia - I have  a phobia of cats, mice and anything small and furry and im scared of heights
Q - Quiet - Im a very quiet person
R - Rain - I love the sound of heavy rain
S - Sickle cell - I suffer from sickle cell
T - Ticklish - I am SUPER ticklish, like if I'm being tickled someone's bound to get hurt
U - Unfit - I am a really unfit person.
V - Violin - I used to own a violin, I never could actually play it but I did have one
W - Weather - I love hell stones especially when it's really heavy it feels so nice :)
X - Xiao - love the word 'Xiao' it means little in Chinese. I actually learnt that from Karate Kid the one with Jaden Smith in it.
Y - Yorkie-ton - I actually want a Yorkie-ton even though im scared of dogs I really want one. A Yorkie-ton is actually a mixed breed dog, it's a Coton de Tulear and Yorkshire Terrier mix, their so CUTE!
Z - Zebra - A zebra Is my second favourite animal after a lion cub. just love the stripes :)

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