Friday, 6 September 2013

L.A. Colors Lip liner review

Hey everyone :)
As promised in my latest haul (if you haven't seen that and want to check it out click here) I said I would do a review on all make up products so to start I decided to let you lot know how I feel about this lip liner.

I purchased this matte
 lip liner from Beauty Base in Westfield Stratford for 99p its by L.A.Colors and the colour is called 'Smooth Plum'. I bought this lip liner cause I thought it was very ideal for the upcoming season Autumn also cause I've been wanting a purpley colour for some time now.
I prefer to wear this lip liner as a lipstick cause I really like the darkness of it, sorry it doesn't look that dark in the picture. This lip liner is quite pigmented and the more you put the darker it will come up it has a nice texture and doesn't really have a scent to it. 

Before I put on this lip liner I previously had on Vaseline but I didn't put anything on after I applied the liner. I like this lip liner because it keeps your lips really moisturized, it also last for a long time and doesn't rub off as soon as you drink or like touch your lips.
Look out for my next review :)

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