Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Autumn/Winter must haves

Hey everyone :)
I just wanted to share with you a few clothing items that I think are just must haves for this up coming Autumn/Winter.
Having a big winter coat is definitely essential for Autumn/Winter it looks great with whatever your wearing during the season and keeps you so warm and comfortable

Long boots are a definitely must have for this up coming season as they are suitable for all kinds of bad weather and really tie an outfit together
 Fur gilet, I personally think that a fur gilet is more suitable for Autumn than winter cause it wouldn't really keep you warm in winter unless your wearing a big coat or something underneath but that might just end up looking weird. But wearing a leather jacket underneath would look really good.
Oversized jumper are a definitely must have because their so useful you can layer up as much as you want underneath and it so easy to style, with like a pair of leggings and long boots or jeans and converses.
 Boyfriend Jeans are so essential for this upcoming season because you can also layer up underneath them with tights or leggings there also very fashionable and can look really stylish with the right accessories.
I don't necessarily think Uggs are essential for this Autumn/Winter especially when it's raining cause your feet will get soaked but they do keep your feet super warm so I would advise people to wear them in the dry weather, also they are really casual so you can put them on any time.
So that's my must haves for this upcoming season, I hope I've given you a few wardrobe ideas and helped prepare you for this season! :)


  1. Great post! I love oversized jumpers for Autumn and Winter!

    xo, Inês


    1. Thanks, I know same I need to stock up on some!