Monday, 30 September 2013

Tip Of the Month - Tweezing Your Eyebrows

Hey everyone,
yup it's , 'Tip Of the Month' this months beauty tip is on Tweezing yo brows! and how to deal with the after pain.
  • Plucking your eyebrows right after you have showered will be much less painful therefore is the best  time to pluck your eyebrows
  • Do not tweeze one eyebrow completely then do the other, you are less likely to  achieve similar brows.
  • Try dabbing your eyebrows with numbing cream, if you don't have a high tolerance for pain
  • to reduce swelling and redness you can try applying ice to the area
  • Apply lotion to the skin around your eyebrows to soothe the pain and redness.


  1. Great tips! I usually just wait and get them threaded!

    -Trina ♥

    1. Thanks, yeah lots of people do that too, I don't know whether it's less painful though!